About C Sharp C Blunt


Meet Shilpa, an attractive, interactive and user-friendly mobile phone app that has been projected to be the most popular app of 2013. Created using the latest technology, Shilpa will sing for you  in the flesh. She will sing the songs you want to hear with her sugary and husky voice and shake her hips when you want her to as she dances to your favourite tune. Best of all, she behaves exactly the way women are supposed to behave in the eyes of men; that is, until the next update is released. C Sharp C Blunt is the latest offering by Germanys Flinntheater in an Indo-German collaboration that explores the realms of digital dramaturgy, repetition and user choices to create a new hybrid form of theatre-meets-performance art. Starring singer-actress MD Pallavi in her first ever solo performance, this one woman show is a witty, humorous and satirical interrogation of what it is like being a woman in the entertainment industry today.

Event Info:

  • Producer: Flinn theatre and Samudra Trust
  • Director: Sophia Stepf
  • Duration: English
  • Language: 75 minutes

Cast & Crew:

  • C sharp C blunt
  • created by MD Pallavi& Sophia Stepf
  • Performer: MD Pallavi
  • Director: Sophia Stepf
  • Text Collaborators: Sophia Stepf, Pallavi MD, SwarThounaojam, IrawatiKarnik
  • Live Sound: Nikhil Nagaraj, Sophia Stepf, Pallavi MD
  • Light Design: Mohammed Mustafa A
  • Assistant Director: RituparnaBattacharya
  • Production Management: Veena Appiah
  • Production Assistant: ShilpaSomashekar
  • Costume: Team C sharp C blunt