About Akshayambara


Sharanya Ramprakash

Best Director, Best Actor in a Lead Role (Female) & Best Original Script

Sharanya Ramprakash is a stage actor, director, playwright and one of the co-founders of Dramanon, Bangalore. She received the INLAKS Theatre Award ,14 through which she trained in Yakshagana under Guru Sanjeeva Suvarna. She is an India Foundation for the Arts grantee ,15 and International Forum of Theatertreffen ,16 scholar.


Prasad Cherkady

Best Actor in a Lead Role (Male)

Prasad Cherkady is a recipient of the Young Artist Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and a recipient of Best Actor at Rangabhoomi, Udupi Theatre Festival. He has been working as a Yakshagana performer and singer for the last 17 years. He currently acts and writes for theatre, film and television.


Guru Bannanje Sanjeeva Suvarna

Best Innovative Sound Design and Best Choreography

Guru Bannanje Sanjeeva Suvarna is a Yakshagana Guru, Dancer, Director, Choreographer and Principal of the Yakshagana Kendra, Udupi. A voice of authority on Yakshagana’s tradition, he is a rare “Dasavatari” (one who is proficient in every aspect of Yakshagana). He has trained for 51 years under 21 Gurus, toured 27 countries, directed more than 600 prasangas and trained over 4000 students in the traditional gurukul system.


Guru Krishnamoorthi Bhat & Guru Subramanya Prasad

Best Innovative Sound Design

Guru Krishnamoorthi Bhat has trained extensively in Chende, Maddale and Nrutya and is currently a Guru at the Yakshagana Kendra, Udupi. He also directs 3-4 Yakshagana prasangas every year for educational institutions in and around Udupi. He also has been a part of several eminent Yakshagana troupes such as Mandarthi and Kamalashile Melas.

Guru Subramanya Prasad has trained in both Bhagavatige and Nrutya and is an alumnus of Yakshagana Kendra, Udupi. He is well versed in all the literary aspects of Yakshagana prasanga. He has over 20 years of experience as an actor and Bhagavatha and is currently a Guru at the Yakshagana Kendra, Udupi.

Shubhra Nayar

Best Costume Design

Shubhra Nayar is a designer for Textiles, Performance and Print and is the founder of the Tirasila Theatre Practice. She has written, devised and designed for a range of performance forms: contemporary dance, life-size and giant puppetry, both devised and mainstream theatre in the UK and India.