About A Straight Proposal


Nobody knows whether ghost exists or not but still many of us do believe that they exist. People like Dhruv, Mitesh, Amar, Kranti, Turag and thousands like them exist but the society ignores their existence or criminalizes their need. Who is forcing them to live like ghosts? Are they supposed to be like that? Can love be considered a crime?

The play covers the life of Mitesh the protagonist of the play, the ups and downs in his life which goes parallel to the ups and downs of the LGBT movement in India. The play unfolds a series of love stories of Mitesh and his relationship with his brother and father which bring out the several problems in the gay community.

A secret life and the mysterious death of Mitesh in this play are not just incidents, they become metaphors for us.
A story of one diary, four love stories, one phone call, four days of love, one promise, four lovers and one gunshot . A Straight Proposal

Event Info:

  • Director: Happy Ranajit
  • Duration: Hindi
  • Language: 120 minutes

Cast & Crew:

  • Dilip Shankar as Mitesh
  • Teekam Joshi as Dhruv
  • Nitin Goel as Ama
  • Yuvraj Bajwa as kranti
  • Junaid Kaifi as Turag
  • Shaurya Shankar as Amitesh
  • Ashok Dhawan as Colonel Bakshi
  • Pink boys/dancers/lovers
  • Sahil Khan police
  • Rajiv Mishra Chanaawala
  • Karunakar (sonu) Neighbor
  • Tej Sisodia Robert
  • Wicky Biker


  • Murali basa on lights
  • Sandy Singh on sound
  • Gauri Dewal on Projection
  • Costumes: Anupriya Bhagat
  • Choreography: Gilles ChuyanWriten and Directed by Happy
  • Writen and Directed by Happy Ranajit