About A Far Cry


In the last few years insurgency has been growing in a phenomenal way and it has become a new kind of threat to all the common people. We live in fear, a nameless, formless fear of the unknown. Of what is to come. The fear of our deformed and multilated present burning out all hope for a fertile future. Our only prayer is God, let me not be the next victim! I dont want to die. I want to live
This play is based on an incident that occurred between a brother and sister under the strong emotional ties that bound the members to want another.

Event Info:

  • Producer: NT Theatre
  • Director: Ningthouja Deepak
  • Duration: Manipuri
  • Language: 1hr 20minuntes

Cast & Crew:

On stage Male
  • NingthoujaJayvidya as Birahari
  • KongbrailatpamPremkumar Sharma as OC Rajen
  • Thokchom David Meitei as OC & Club Secretary
  • TakhellambamShachikumar as Mapubok
  • NgariyambamJiten Singh as Yaima
  • Namoijam Surjit Singh as Mani
  • NingthoujaChingkheilakpa as Machanupa
  • K. Priyobarta as Dog scout
  • Rakesh Pebam as Dog scout
  • Y. Bakeljit as Dog scout
  • JiranNaorem as Dog scout
  • M. Boy Singh as Dog scout
  • M. Suranjoy as Student &lanmi
  • NingthoujaPunshiba as lanmi
  • NingthoujaLanjelLancha as lanmi
  • NepramDhanapati Devi as Kusum
  • TensubamMemmeChanu as Leima
  • K. Renuka Devi as Khunjanupi
  • K. Romita Devi as Khunjanupi
  • L. AsharaniChanu as Khunjanupi
  • Ningthouja Jennifer as Khunjanupi
  • K. Victoria Devi as Khunjanupi
  • L. Suranda Devi as Khunjanupi
  • BalaTensubam as Khunjanupi


Off Stage
  • Ningthouja Deepak as Design & Director
  • Budhachingtham as Playwright
  • NingthoujaJayvidya as Production consultant
  • NingthoujaRonika as Production Manager
  • T. Shachikumar as Stage Manager
  • Ng. Jitenas Set & Properties
  • K. Priyobarta& T. Memme as Costume
  • K. Premkumar Sharma as Publicity
  • Kh. Jiten as Make-up
  • K. Angou as Asst Make-up
  • N. Tiken as Music
  • L. Budha as Drum
  • H. Nisheshwar as Pena
  • Damu Sharma as Bangshi
  • Ng. Ghanashyam as Still Camera
  • L. Ibochouba as Light
  • M. Imendro as Asst. Light
  • RinkuKh. Documentation
  • Numbers of Male:27
  • Numbers of Female:10
  • Total Numbers of Male & Female: 37