About A-Chik A-Song

Garo Hills, Meghalaya

The play A chik A Song is based on the socio-political history of the Garo Hills during 1870-1872 with special reference to the struggle of the Garos against the British.
A grandmother is narrating the heroic incidents of the Garo mythology and in course of her narration r comes to the period of the drama which is in flash back.
The first few scenes are about the traditional, cultural and social activities, rituals and beliefs of the remote hilly Garo villager-who were still independent and lived happily by their well netted rice socio-cultural and traditional self-rule. The British gradually entered the interior Garo villages.
The hero of the episode was Togan Nengminza a glamorous youth of the entire region who organized and trained a group of Garo youth and attacked the camp of the British. The British Army with their superior arms could easily overpower the ill equipped Garo freedom fighters yet Togan Nengminza Sangma fought for the cause of the freedom of his motherland. The Garos still remember him with great honour as the 1st National hero and the martyr of the Garos.

Event Info:

  • Producer: DAPON
  • Director: Pabitra Rabha
  • Duration: GARO
  • Language: 1HR 20 MINUNTES

Cast & Crew:

  • Lindias D. Sangma
  • Richard M. Marak
  • Wanjing Sangma
  • Sendrick Marak
  • Zems Warth Sangma
  • Pollendro Ch Momin
  • Sintu Berth Marakss
  • Supam Marak
  • Mahabil Marak
  • Rangbe Ch. Marak
  • Prescline N. Marak
  • Tengsang Sangma
  • Bidama Marak
  • Pringchi Marak
  • Ringchi ch. Momin
  • Avinash M. Marak
  • Baithy D. Sangma
  • Pankaj deka
  • Jeston Shira
  • Stilltone Marak
  • Dingcik M. Marak
  • Puli T. Sangma
  • Ratan Sarma
  • Sengrita ch Marak.
  • Script Writer : Rajeeb Kr. Phukan
  • Translated into Garo : Tarun Saikia
  • Assistance in Music : Wanna Sangma
  • Rimsang Sangma
  • Mising Marak
  • Walsim Marak
  • Assistance in Costume : Tarun Saikia and Kenedy R. Marak
  • Assistance in Make up : Jyotima Rabha
  • Property Making : Binoy Das (Katap) and Ratan Sarma (Putu)
  • Stage Manager : Richard / Lindias
  • Concept, Design and Direction : Pabitra Rabha