META Perspectives : The Jury – Sushma Seth

A privileged peek into theatre and the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards Festival, from META Jury Member Ms. Sushma Seth.

1. When it comes to awarding what are the key elements you look at?
A.Originality, choice of subject, expressive writing, the successful communication of the story, performances and moments in the production. The impact left on audience. Production values.

2. What are you looking forward to in this years plays?
A.New meaningful plays. Relevant social issues effectively staged.

3. What brings you back to theatre?
A.I never left theatre! In the last 14 years, I’ve been conducting production-based drama workshops with the students of an inter-faith educational NGO ‘Arpana’. We have regularly staged plays for Delhi, Madhuban, Karnal audiences, for schools and other institutions. Theater is the most powerful medium of communication to impact the youth, give messages, tell a story.

4. What do you hope to take back from this years festival?
A.’RAS!’ That special aesthetic experience which enriches our lives.

5. What does META mean to you?
A.META has been a generous benefactor ! By encouraging theater groups from all over India by offering them a platform to stage their own plays, interact with other theater enthusiasts, and play to the Delhi audiences. META is instrumental in creating a theatre-going culture.

Watch the META plays from 6th-10th March! Click here to book tickets.

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