Experiencing Dhumrapaan

If I were to describe this production in two words, I would go for SMART and GRIPPING. Set in the Smoking Room of a corporate building, Dhumrapaan is a satirical comedy about office politics, ambition, trust, betrayal, friendship and loyalty. Directed by Akarsh Khurana, written by Adhir Bhat and produced by Kumud Mishra and D for Drama, the performance feels like Play-Back Theatre where the characters are playing out our stories, our insecurities and our conflicts.

Dhumrapaan involves you immediately. Case in point is an inevitable sacking of a team member which unfolds scenarios that gives us a glimpse of what’s left when the gloss of this glamorous and powerful corporate world vanishes. In the race to achieve targets, meet deadlines and deal with cut-throat competition, the characters find ‘moments’ when they connect with each other on a more Human level, share their insecurities, struggles and dreams with each other. The situations that arise test their loyalty towards the company, towards each other and most importantly towards themselves.

There is a dialogue in the play ‘hum choti choti bagawaton se kitne khush ho jaate hain’(we get such happiness by our little action of rebellion) that captures perfectly the characters tapped in ambitions and desires over which they have no control after a point. Towards the end there is a realization that we all are part of a rat race, but we have no idea what we are running for.

Characters are credible and compelling and make us go through emotional roller coaster with them. The set is simple and stunning and the plot really tight. The play is a must watch for its humor, life like characters and its ability to put into perspective what is lost in the race of Life.


By Bhanu Mehta

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