Elephant in the Room Review

Elephant in the Room is a solo performance piece directed by versatile actress Yuki Ellias. The play delighted me like many Disney performances. The most rewarding aspect of the show was seeing the look on the faces in the audience when they witness the eight characters come to life. It was an absolute feast, her face modulation the ease with which her petite frame switched moods, lithe and graceful, giving life and distinction to the characters.  Accents, body language everything switches as she slips easily in and out, its a pleasure to see her perform. Weaving humor, suspense, conspiracy, myth, curse, divine halo she takes the audience to an exhilarating, engaging and delightful experience.

Master Tusks angst at having lost his head for no fault of his , Murg the hunter and his partner the squeaky and prissy spider who try to kidnap him for a ransom and are living a cursed love life…. are refreshing. It is in the Aisle of Dawn that Tusk runs into the verbose elephant Wordsweight. The comic elements are delivered with a precise timing throughout the play. Mona the Indian hyena who talks to her African counterpart Spotty by making a trunk call through Banyan tree had the audience in splits.

Finally the superb choreography, lights, sound effects reflected the mood on stage and added to the entire experience.

A very impressive performance leaving me with the feeling of Yeh Dil Maange More…. waiting to see her next production… Muy bien!


By Prabha Jain

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