The Open Couple

Nominated for: Best Actor In a Lead Role (Female),Best Actor In a Supporting Role(Male), Best Director, Best Costume Design

Play Synopsis:

Antonia has coped for years with her husband, who has been trying to get her to agree to his idea of an open marriage. A mad-cap masquerade, a roller-coaster circus ring – or rather, just a ‘normal relationship’ between a man and a woman. The play opens with Antonia as a suicidal emotional wreck and through a series of funny, poignant vignettes, concludes with a complete role reversal. Known for his witty political satires, what draws one to Dario Fo’s “The Open Couple” is the interplay of dualities in the politics of relationships.

Director’s Note:

The choice of a Yin-Yang treatment towards the production design was made in order to do justice to Fo’s even handed text. Commedia was chosen as a means of communicating the text because of its exaggeration of the mundanity of life into hilarious and poignant dramatic moments. This production’s spine is the search for the elusive unity and balance of opposites through the fluid transformations of lighting, sound, set, costume and performance. Juxtaposing the humdrum of life with the outlandish and the alien, it gives its viewers a magnification that is generally un-perceived.


Vaishali Bisht Nominated For Best Actor In a Lead Role (Female)

With a BA (Hons.) in Drama and Theatre from the University of Kent, Canterbury, England (1996), Vaishali Bisht has directed and acted in numerous plays. She also conducts workshops for children & adults in Hyderabad. Vaishali is also the Co-founder and Artistic Director of the Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival.

Anuj Gurwara Nominated For Best Actor In a Supportimg Role(Male)

A multi-talented entertainer, Anuj Gurwara has been an active theatre actor since 1999. He has showcased his acting skills in various theatrical productions and films receiving rave reviews for his performances. Anuj is also a Filmfare-award winning playback singer, master of ceremonies, voice artist and TV show host.

Faraz Khan Nominated For Best Director and Best Costume Design

After studying Drama at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts, City-LIT, London and the Drama Centre, Faraz Khan has featured prominently in ‘Patiala House’ and also starred in ‘Ship of Theseus’. A prolific storyteller, Faraz excels as a cross-genre writer & director.

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