Nominated for: Best Director , Best actor in a Supporting Role(Female), Best Original Script, Best Costume Design, Best Stage Design

Play Synopsis:

The play tells the story of three generations of a Tibetan family (living in exile in India) who find themselves stuck in different corners of a circle. A pair of boots and many socks are all that accompany them on their journey to find a place that each can call ‘home’.

The narrative shuttles back and forth in time. The past is primarily set in a hilly town where the protagonists have settled; and the present is in Delhi – either an apartment or a hospital room or a busy street. “So Many Socks” is a play in one act designed to be performed in the round with audience on all sides.

Director’s Note:

So Many Socks is not really a play. It is a more of an experiment. It began over a year ago with an idea to explore Tenzin Tsundue’s book of poems Kora, and to use movement based performers to try and communicate the unsaid. To this end writer Annie Zaidi created a text that deeply reflects the concerns of the poems, and yet has the delicate texture of soap bubbles – the moment you reach out and think you can touch one, it vanishes.

She has also chosen to explore the one change that is hardest to see – the one that occurs within. Therefore our staging and choreography reflects the emotional reality rather than the physical reality of a set of events.

We have borrowed liberally from Tibetan culture and philosophy. Yet, this is not a story of only Tibetan issues. It is a story of human issues, the choices we make and how they could affect our loved ones.

The narrative shuttles back and forth in time. The past is primarily set in a hilly town where the protagonists have settled; and the present is in Delhi – either an apartment or hospital room or busy streets.

In the last 24 months more than one hundred Tibetans have sacrificed their lives, as a protest against China’s occupation of their homeland. This show is dedicated to all of them, and the many others who have laid down their lives in trying to find a peaceful solution to violent situations. Thank you for coming. And hope you enjoy the show.


Quasar Thakore Padamsee nominated for best director

Quasar Thakore Padamsee is the artistic director of QTP. He works in the capacity of a director, producer & trainer. In the past he has been curator of the theatre section for the Kala Ghoda Festival, Prithvi Festival platforms and the Mumbai Theatre Utsav. Internationally he has worked on Tim Supple’s critically acclaimed A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Toby Gough’s smash hit The Merchants of Bollywood and most recently the aerial drama Mind Walking. In Bombay his plays Project S.t.r.i.p. and Khatijabai of Karmali Terracehave been running for many years. Khatijabai of Karmali Terrace was selected to be part of 13th Bharatrang Mahotsav in 2010.

Padma Damodaran nominated for best actor in a supporting role(female)

Padma is an actor, choreographer, writer, and trainer. She has worked on a range of plays and films, in English and Hindi, classical and contemporary, devised and scripted. She recently returned from the UK, where she spent three years, first as a student of acting and then as a working actress. She has written, directed and produced a number of plays. She has also worked with local municipal councils in London, improvising plays on mental healthcare issues through the Roots Theatre Company.

In India, Padma wrote and performed a play, Motipori: The Magic of Me. She also wrote the screenplay for the film Parindey, which she acted in. She has worked on children’s shows such as Sesame Street India, been a narrator for a BBC World documentary, and was previously nominated for best supporting actress in the play Rumi: Unveil the Sun at the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards in 2008. Padma has also extensive experience as a trainer, choreographing ballets and conducting acting workshops. Padma quit her 10-year-long career in journalism to work full-time in the performing arts. She currently works with Theatre Professionals as programme head for PerformanceTraining and Development.

Annie Zaidi nominated for best original script

Annie Zaidi writes poetry, essays, fiction, and scripts for the stage and the screen. She writes in both English and Hindi. Her first Hindi play ‘Jaal’ opened at Prithvi Theatre in 2012 as part of the Writers Bloc 3. She worked as a journalist for over a decade, reporting from both urban and rural areas, and continues to freelance for a range of magazines and newspapers including Caravan, Open, Mid-Day, Frontline (magazine published by The Hindu), Elle, Forbes Life, Marie Claire, Verve, and Tehelka, aside from a weekly column for the DNA.

Amey Mehta

A Choreographer,Dancer and a performer, Amey Mehta has been trained in styles like Contemporary,Jazz,Ballet,Kathak,Salsa and so on. Trained from the Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance company and from teachers across the globe, He has been honoured with prestigious scholarships like the impulstanz dance festival(Vienna),Attakalari(Bangalore),Contact Dance Festival(Goa) to name a few. Amey has Choreographed shows for Schwazkopf,CNBC Business Awards,Good Earth,Asian Paints,Nachle ve with Saroj Khan,Ford Figo Launch,Sclunburger, amongst others. Amey recently has had the privilege to perform and the esteemed Kala Ghoda Festival and Thespo 14 with his troupe. Presently the Dance Director at Temperance India.

Toral Shah nominated for best costume design

Toral Shah is the Creative Producer of QTP. On different productions she wears different hats, often more than one. She has produced all of QTP’s work, and has also worked on BBC Radio productions such as the award winning A Suitable Boy in the capacity of Assistant Director. Her costume credits include, Khatijabai of Karmali Terrace (2004), The President is Coming (2007), The Mighty Mirembayana and the Prisoners of Peace (2010), Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum (2011), Beyond the Land of Hattamala (2012), and many others.

Vivek Jadhav nominated for best stage design

Vivek was a Gold Medalist for JJ School of Art, and has since become a prolific stage designer. His work includes Sunil Shanbag’s Cotton 56, Polyester 84, Stories in a Song, Sex, Morality & Censorship, Manav Kaul’s Laal Pencil, Trishla Patel’s Zhinga Zhinga Roses and many others. He recently began designing for cinema with Daye Ya Baye, Hansa and A Pear for Rain to his credit.

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