A Friend’s Story

The 11th edition of META concluded on a glorious note with director Akash Khurana’s, ‘A Friend’s story.’
The play traces the journey of friendship between the shy and reserved Bapu and Mitra, who is an embodiment of free spiritedness. The play tells a complex story of friendship and unrequited love interwoven in a web of jealousy, obsession and betrayal.

While Bapu is passionately in love with Mitra, things take a different turn for him when he learns about Mitra’s sexuality. While this revelation doesn’t hamper their friendship, the entry of Nama does bring forth a lot of complications.

Mitra is smitten with Nama, who reciprocates her feelings as well. Bapu is asked to provide his room, so that Nama and Mitra can spend some private time with each other. However, things turn sour with the entry of Nama’s boyfriend Dalvi, who acts as a source of conflict between Nama and Mitra.

The play took its time to situate the story and its characters.In order to create a more realistic ambiance, the set up was reminiscent of Pune and Fergusson College, where the play is based.

Abhay Mahajan, who plays the character of Bapu, commented on the fact that more than the issues being raised during the play, it was the complexity of the character that drew him to the story. The play, because it was originally written in Marathi, helped him get a better grip of the character.

The play, written by Vijay Tendulkar raises issues about sexuality. However, it does not only stick to this one particular issue; it also focuses on the workings of human behavior and the intricacies of human relationships.

— Samridhi Roy

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